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Hautes-gorges de la rivière Malbaie’s national park

Hautes-gorges de la rivière Malbaie’s national park is located in the touristic region of Charlevoix, a couple of hours north of Quebec city. It is one of the most impressive nationale park in quebec. The most popular hike in this park is called the Acropole des draveurs which is the one I choose to do on my last visit at the park. This hike is definitely one of the best place to appreciate the colours during october.  Along the 3 different summits, you’ll have an incredible panoramic of the valley and the Malbaie river.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to difficult

Altitude: 3438 feet

Elevation: 2625 feet

Distance: 6,5 miles (10,4 km)

Duration: around 5 hours

Appreciation : 5/5

This hike is really popular for quebec hikers since it is really isolated from the cities. You’ll in fact have to drive in the forest for at least 45 minutes before arriving to the national park.  You should definitely sleep in the region before your hike to be able to start your hike early. You’ll find the trail way less crowded in the morning. Even though it’s really popular, you should know that this hike is not a piece of cake. In fact, it’s even known as quebec most difficult hike. Since all the elevation is mostly gained in the first 2 km of the hike, you’ll need to be physically prepared to enjoy the hike. Once you reach the first summit, you’ll have a gorgeous 360° views and if your lucky, you might even see a couple of bears or caribous wandering around. It is definitely my favourite hike in quebec.


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