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Auckland, the city of sails

I must say that my experience in Auckland might have been quite unconventional for a traveller. I had the chance to know someone in the city who was able to host me during my stay. Her house wasn’t actually in the city, wich I think contribuate a lot to make my time in Auckland super special. I was staying in Campbells bay, wich is in the suburbs north of Auckland. It is pretty easy to get to the city center by bus from Campbells bay with the Northern express, but it would definitely be easier for a traveller to find a hostel to stay in the city.

During my stay in Auckland, I didn’t properly visited the city attractions like the Sky tower, as I spent most of my time hopping on the many islands surrounding the city. I’m pretty happy with this decision considering Auckland is a city like any other and it’s the wild  beauty of its volcanic islands that makes it one of a kind.


Rangitoto is Auckland’s biggest dormant volcano out of 48 volcano forming his volcanic field. The island is situated in Hauraki golf, only a couple of kilometers away from the coast. The volcano is easily accessible by ferry (30$ return ticket) and the ride takes only about 20 minutes. Visiting Rangitoto was the first thing I did in New Zealand and it was the perfect initiation. I had never walk or hike up a volcano before and it was a unique experience. Throught out your walk, you’ll be surrounded by volcanic rocks and you’ll walk into young forest of silver fern, New Zealand’s icon.

You’ll have many trail options around the island but you definitely must get to the summit to see the beautiful views of the city of Auckland. All in all, a day trip to Rangitoto is definitely a must and it’s the best way to escape the city.

Waiheke island Waiheke island is also located in Hauraki golf and is a 35 minutes ferry ride from Auckland’s harbour. The island is a number one tourist destination and offers plenty option of accomodation such as rental houses, hotel, bnb and a backpacker hostel wich I would really recommend if you would like to get away from crowds as it is not into town. The town of Oneroa is pretty central on the island and I didn’t really like it that much. You might want to spent some time in town in the early morning and have breakfast at one of the coffee shop by the beach but then, it gets really busy and you should definitely head out. Many activities can be done on the island such as kayaking, paddleboarding, biking, wine tasting, ziplining and of course walking.

There’s a lovely multi-day walk of 100 km that goes all around the island and you can walk only a part of it if you only have one day. On the walk, you’ll come across wineries, hidden little beaches and simply amazing sceneries. I felt miles away from Auckland and really appreciated the walk.

Devonport is situated on the north shore of Auckland, facing the city. It’s an amazing place to have a look at the city of Auckland from a unique perspective and to see the hundreds of sailboats crusing on the Hauraki golf.

Campbells bay

The place where I was staying is an highlight of my trip and I would recommend for anyone that stays in Auckland during their stay to visit it. Campbells bay is right by the ocean and if you go down to the beach you’ll be able to walk from bay to bay (Campbells bay, Mairangi bay, Murrays bay) with an amazing view of Rangitoto in the background.


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