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My Bucket list

I’m the type of person that just want to see everything in this world. Even though I hope I’ll discover every country, learn about every culture and try every crazy stuff there is to try, here are the things I definitely must do some day:

  1. Walk the Kalalau trail (Napali coast,Kaui)

  2. Swim with whale sharks

  3. See the Perito moreno glacier in Pantagonia, Argentina

  4. Dive the great barrier reef

  5. See the northern ligths (aurora borealis)

  6. Get my open water diving certification

  7. See the Victoria falls

  8. Hike the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile

  9. Experience the Californian culture on a roadtrip down the coast

  10. Visit Venise during the Carnaval

  11. Hike a New-zealand great walk

  12. Visit all 7 continents

  13. Discover the Inca culture in Peru

  14. Watch the surf at Banzai pipeline during the winter

  15. Ski on Mt fuji

  16. Write a book

  17. Look at the sun rising up in the Grand Canyon for the new year

  18. Be wonderfully shaken by Indian culture

  19. Walk among the bamboo forest in Kyoto

  20. Go back in time in Stonehenge, England

  21. Pet a Kangaroo

  22. Walk the PCT (pacific crest trail)

  23. Reach the summit of a volcano

  24. Swim at the Bruce peninsula in Ontario

  25. Explore the Saharan desert

  26. Visit the forbidden city

  27. Discover Zanzibar

  28. Hitchike and discover the country the local way

  29. Go to the bottom of Mt rainier

  30. Chase waterfalls in Iceland

  31. Taste the Acai bowls in Haleiwa

  32. Visit the monastery in Bhoutan

  33. Walk on the Great wall of China

  34. Wine tasting on a vineyard in New Zealand

  35. Explore the Africa Savannah on a safari

  36. Go off the beathen track in Yukon

  37. Embark on the 2 weeks journey to Everest base camp in Nepal

  38. Learn a new language

  39. Walk on the ricefields of Vietnam

  40. Go on a roadtrip to discover a country

  41. Walk among the dragons on Komodo island, Indonesia

  42. Island hop in the fji archipelago

  43. Protect the endangered species in Galapagos islands

  44. Meet the orangutan in Bornéo

  45. Hike in the european Alps

  46. Live in another country

  47. Succed at the 52 hike challenge

  48. Live on a 15$ per day budget in Asia

  49. Spontaneously walk into the airport and buy a same-day ticket to anywhere

  50. Drive a car on the wrong side of the road

What’s yours?


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