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48 hours in Sydney

When I first landed in Sydney, Australia after a 10-hour flight from Hawaii, I couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for jet lag to affect my mood and I decided to go to bed early to be in the best shape possible in the morning. I started my day pretty early the next morning and first headed to Coogee beach which is a popular beach that was pretty close to my Airbnb in Randwick. I had breakfast on the beach and found out that a lot of locals made it part of their routine to go for a swim or a run on the beach in the morning. After breakfast, I made my way towards the Coastal walk.

On my second day, I had planned to visit Sydney’s harbor attractions. If you ever visit Sydney, especially if it’s for a quick layover like I did, you’ll find that the best way to get around the city is by walking or by uber. I’m all for taking the bus to save money, but in Sydney, the bus system is not well adapted for tourism since you’ll absolutely need to purchase a card to get on the bus and then put some money on it. Uber will save you a lot of time and it’s still pretty affordable.

I arrived at Circular Quay, which is the center of Sydney’s harbor,  early in the morning but the city was already pretty busy. I was standing only a couple of meters away from Sydney iconic Opera house and Harbour bridge and was totally amazed by its magnitude. I spent my morning walking around the harbor and exploring the area. A little before noon, I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to and decided to catch a ferry to Manly.


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