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5 things that make Noosa the perfect little beach town 

For exactly one month today, I’ve had the chance to work and live in beautiful Noosa. This small beach town, situated 2 hours drive north of Brisbane, is probably the most popular stop for backpackers on the Sunshine coast and it is also one of the number one holiday destination for Australians. Here is five reasons why Noosa’s title is well deserved.

      1. Noosa national park       

    2. Miles of white sandy beaches

With 13 beaches in the area, Noosa really can please everyone. Whether you’re looking for a family day at the beach (main beach), some big waves to go surfing (sunshine beach) or a nudist beach (Alexandria bay), Noosa got them all.

3. Trendy coffee and shops

The town of Noosa is to Brisbane what the Hamptons are to New York City. In other words, Noosa is pretty much a beach town getaway for the city wealthy people. That being said, Noosa head’s main road, Hasting street, is the perfect place to eat out at fancy little restaurants, to stop at one of the coffee shop or to have a shopping session… if you can afford it.

4. Great place to catch some waves

Travellers are often told that Byron bay is the best spot on the east coast to jump on a surf board but Noosa might be even better. The surf side of Main beach is really popular for begginers as the wave are pretty small. There is also a lot of awsome surf spots in the national park and at the eastern beaches for the more advanced surfers.

     5. Many things to see in the area

That pretty sums it up! Now that you’re convince that Noosa is the idyllic beach town, you know where to go on your next beach getaway.


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