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Jacques Cartier’s National Park

Less then 45 minutes away from Quebec city, Jacques Cartier’s National Park is one of the best place for a great getaway close to the city. You’ll have the possibility to explore the national park by walk or to kayak down the river and if you’re lucky, see mooses and beavers. Since the park offers a variety of activities, you might consider camping for a couple of days to fully enjoy this incredible place. Many hiking trails will take you around the park, but the trail Le Scotora will take you up Mt Andante, one of the highest point of the park which is my very favourite.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Altitude: 2654 feet Elevation: 1654 feet Distance: 9,9 miles (16 km) Duration: around 5 hours Appreciation : 4/5

The trail Le Scotora starts pretty deep in the park and is the longest in the entire park. You’ll find yourself being pretty much alone on the trail so you’ll have the chance to appreciate the nature peacefully. The trail is special since you will gain almost all of the elevation in the first 2 miles. You’ll then walk on a plateau and come across wetlands that are home to beavers and mooses. At the end of the trail, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful panorama of the Jacques Cartier river winding across the valley. If you’re short on time, the more crowded Les loups trail also offers a wonderful view of the river. It takes about three hours and a half to climb and is definitely more accessible for children and families. Even if you’re only up for a picnic, the proximity of the Jacques Cartier’s National Park from Quebec city makes it the number one destination for a nature getaway.


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