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Jay peak

Jay peak, mostly know for its amazing off-track skiing, is the mountain that receives the most snow in all North America. Other then that, Jay peak is also a great place for beginners to start experiencing the mountains. Jay peak is part of the famous trail that goes down the east coast of America: the Long trail. You’ll really appreciate this part of the long trail since it is accessible for everyone.

Level of difficulty: Easy Altitude: 3861 feet Elevation: 1640 feet Distance: 3,4 miles (5,5 km) Duration: around 3 hours Appreciation : 3/5

For people living around the region of Montreal and that are ready to cross the border, Jay peak is perfect. Close to the border of USA-CAN, Jay peak is only a 1H45 minute drive from Montreal. The parking lot is however a little tricky to find. We had a hard time to find the trailhead since there was no clear indication of Jay peak’s parking lot. The trailhead is situated between the village of Montgomery and Jay. When you’ll arrive to the small parking lot on the side of the road, there will be a trail head on the other side of the road that indicate Long trail North (white marker). The trail itself is not really hard but you will still gain elevation pretty fast since the trail is short and steep. I personally don’t really like to hike skiing area because they’re more frequented by people and also have installations.  Nevertheless, I still appreciated the hike and really recommend it for beginners.


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