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Mt Algonquin

Situated in the Adirondack wilderness, Mt Algonquin is the second highest peak in the  New York state. I first decided to do this hike since it is one of my dad’s favorite and was not disappointed. The Adirondack are the most accessible range of mountain in the United States for people living in Montreal and it is a really beautiful area to practice outdoor activities. You might also want to stop in Lake Placid after your hike to grab a bite in one of the cute little restaurant facing the lake.The charming city was the host of  the 1980 Winter Olympic games.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to difficult Altitude: 5114 feet Elevation: 2936  feet Distance: 8,6 miles (13,8 km) Duration: around 7 hours Appreciation : 5/5

The road that you’ll take before arriving to the Adirondak Lodge offers a great view on to the national park. You’ll be parking at the Lodge wich as a $10 parking fee. At first, you’ll follow the Van Hoevenberg trail that is indicated by blue markers. This part of the hike is pretty flat as you will only start to go up when you reach an intersection that indicates Mt Algonquin (white markers). Afterwards you’ll start gaining elevation slowly and you’ll reach a beautiful waterfall. You should definitely take a break at this point since the trail will get pretty steep afterwards till it reaches the summit. On top, you’lll have an incredible view of Mt Marcy but you’ll notice soon enough that the summit is very exposed and consenquently very very windy. The hike of Mt Algonquin is worth the journey mainly because it is a challenging hike the same way the mountain in the presidential range (Mt Washington) are, but without the big crowds. There is also another trail that leads to the summit that is called the Avalanche pass trail. It is supposedly the nicest trail in the region of the High peaks. This one is definitely on my to do list!


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