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Mt Mégantic

East of the city of Sherbrooke, Mt Mégantic is probably one of the best place in Quebec to see stars and constellations. While visiting Mt Mégantic, some might even have the chance to gaze at the northern lights, a pretty impressive phenomena. On top of the mountain, you’ll reach an observatory where in the summer some activities are organized and you can learn about the stars.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Altitude: 3625 feet Elevation: 1116 feet Distance: 6,4 miles (10 km) Duration: around 3 hours Appreciation : 4/5

Mt Mégantic is definitely a place where you can enjoy many different activities. You can either enjoy the many trails the national park as to offer or you could make it a family day and drive up the mountain directly to the observatory. On my last visit at Mt Mégantic, we chose to reach the top by the main trail, Mont Mégantic trail. The trail was really amazing! You’ll feel like you are walking right into an enchanted forest. On the side of the trail, you’ll encounter small cabins at different level of the mountain. I didn’t have the chance to stay in the park but the cabin looked like a lovely option to experience Mt Mégantic. I’ve hiked the mountain during the summer while there was a lightening storm which was a pretty cool experience. I was told that the trail in the winter are even better. Definitely a must for people living in the region of the Cantons-de-l’est.


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