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Mt Madison

It’s on Mt Madison, last summer, that I discovered my passion for hiking. Me and my friend didn’t  know a lot about the best places to hike and we had decided to hike Mt Washington since it was well known. We changed our minds at the last minute since Washington was way to crowded and I’m happy we did. Mt Madison is the 5th highest peak  in the presidential range. It is a less crowded version of Mt Washington with the same spectacular views on top.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to difficult

Altitude: 5367 feet Elevation: 4100 feet Distance: 8,4 miles (13,5 km) Duration: around 8 hours Appreciation : 5/5

In my opinion, the best way to appreciate fully Mt Madison is to make it a two day trip. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your hike to the fullest since you won’t be tired from hiking all day. You’ll see how amazing it is to sleep under the stars and you’ll even arrive to the top before the crowds. We decided to camp at a small campsite in the middle of the mountain which was really cool and peaceful but you can also go to the Madison hut if you don’t want to drag around your tent with you. The most popular and easy trails to choose from are the Valley Way trail and then the Osgood trail. These trails are relatively easy and safe since the climb is moderate. You’ll definitely want to have good shoes, or even better, hiking boots since there is a good part of the hike where you will be climbing and walking across rocks and boulders. Those parts can be pretty dangerous if you don’t have ankle support.

All in all, this journey was an amazing and refreshing experience in the total wilderness with my best friends. I’ll definitely need to go back!


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