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Mt Washington

Well known as the highest peak in the north-east of the United States, Mount Washington attracts hundreds of hikers everyday in the summer months. Although it’s a really popular hike and you might have difficulty to find yourself alone in the wild, this hike is a must do for any mountain lover.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to difficult

Altitude: 6288 feet

Elevation: 4255 feet

Distance: 8,4 miles (13,4 km)

Duration: around 7 hours

Appreciation : 5/5

There’s many options if you’d like to get to the top of Mount Washington. Obviously you have the option to get to the top by taking one of the many trails. You can also get to the summit by car or by train. This summer, I had the chance to do the ascent by walk and with my car. I was surprise to see that the auto road was a really special experience. It’s one of the most scenic route I drove on close to Montreal but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. In some part of the road, it get so small that only one car can pass at a time and theres a lot of fog on top so you won’t be able to see really far in front of you. I definitely recommend it to everyone especially since it is so cheap (29 $ +9$ per passengers).

I also came back to do the trail up Mount Washington. I decided to do it in 2 days to enjoy more of what the mountain had to offer. It takes around 4 hours to get to Mt Washington by car from Montreal so doing it all in one day can be a bit much. The only place where you can camp on the mountain is Hermit lake campsite. You can get your permit at Pinkham notch for only 15$ per person per night. Sleeping on the mountains allows you to start your hike early the next morning and reduces the busyness of the trail for you. We did the Tuckerman ravine trail which is the most popular one. There are many other great trails that lead to the summit but I really appreciated the views of this one. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, a hat and even gloves as it can get really cold and windy at any time of the year. The summit is in fact known to be the place where the fastest wind on earth was recorded (372 km/h).

Mt Washington will blow your mind.


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