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Ouareau forest

A short drive up north from Montreal, the Ouareau forest is an accessible area for anyone that want to spend a day outside of the city. The national trail is perfect for beginners that want to have a feel of mountain hiking without having to walk for a whole day. It is also a relatively easy climb, so you’ll have no problem enjoying the hike.

Level of difficulty: Easy Altitude: 2231 feet Elevation: 787 feet Distance: 7 miles (12,5 km) Duration: around 4 hours Appreciation : 3/5

Once you arrive in the parking at the end of the road, the trail head will be really easy to find. The trail you’ll follow at first, is the National trail with the red markers. When you’ll reach the Prud’homme refuge, you’ll take the trail A following the orange markers. This part of the trail will be pretty intense, the climb will be steep and pretty long but once you’ll reach the top, you’ll be pretty happy you suffered through the climb. You’ll continue on the national trail and you’ll come across six vantage point that offer  a magical view of the lake and Mt Tremblant. My very favourite spot is the first one that you’ll reach. You will come back by the trail and then get back on the National trail to the parking lot. I never heard of the Ouareau forest before I hiked there with my school and I really liked it. It is not my usual type of hike because it is pretty flat but you still get pretty amazing views at the top.


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