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A Week in San Diego : 12 Things You Don’t Want to Miss

When people visit California, they usually plan to go to Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, San Diego should not be forgotten. This dynamic city, close to the border of Mexico, is the second biggest city of California. You will fall in love with the diverse cultural area of the city that are all amazing in their own ways. With its perfect climate year around, San Diego as plenty to offer. Here are the things you should do while visiting this great city:

1. El camino

Picture this; you are walking in the city of San Diego on a Tuesday and you’re starting to get hungry. I know the place for you. El Camino during tacos tuesday is the way to go. You can buy tacos for only 2$ and sip a couple of sex on the beach before signing up for karaoke. Definitely a night you will remember, or maybe not…

2.  Mexican fiesta (India street) 

Sometimes, the most random places are the best one. It’s not always easy to discover these places especially if they are a little window, selling mexican food, on the corner of a street. At Mexican fiesta, for only $5, you can get a huge carne asada burritos which is the best remedy to a solid hangover.

3. Balboa Park

Whether you feel like reading a book peacefully on the grass, enjoying a little yoga session under a tree or visiting the botanical garden, Balboa Park is the place for you. This enormous park in the middle of the city offers plenty of activities and you will want to plan more than one day to experience them all.


4. Pappalecco 

If you ever walk by the little Italy and you get a sudden need of gelato I know the place for you. Pappalecco is a small Ialian café that sells the best gelato in town. They also have some sandwiches, salads and Italian cappuccino.

5. Coronado Island 

The island, situated west of the city center, is accessible by the San Diego-Coronado bridge. It’s the perfect place to do some shopping for a new bathing suit or a west coast souvenir. You should also go and take a drink on the terrace of the famous Hotel Del Coronado or go for a swim at Silver Strand beach.

6. Mission Bay 

There is many ways to appreciate the views of the bay but going out on the water in a sail boat at sunset is probably one of the best. A little bit north of the city center, Mission bay offers the typical coastal panorama with palm trees everywhere and seals sleeping on the rocks.


7. San Diego Harbor 

The  San Diego harbor is always a nice place to hang out. On the weekends, many artists install their stands on the side of the boardwalk to sell their artwork. You will even be able to admire the famous Star of India parked in the marina.

8. La Jolla 

North of San Diego, La Jolla cove is one of the touristic spot of the west coast. Seals are pretty much the main residents of the little coastal town. Whether you are going on a walk, on a kayak expedition or you feel like diving in, you will get face to face with some cute Californian sea lions.


9. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo isn’t known as one of the best zoo in the world for nothing. It is home to more than 3,500 rare and endangered animals including the Giant Panda and the Gorilla. You won’t want to miss this.

10. Tijuana; Crossing the Border

Only 45 minutes of trolley south of San Diego and you will stand at the border that separates the United states from Mexico. The city of Tijuana (border city) was known to be dangerous because of the drug cartels but there is absolutely no danger to go in the city in a group. You will love the delicious local food. For only $10, you can eat a ton of tacos and drink as many margaritas as you can.


11. Double tree Hilton

Travelling on a budget doesn’t always allow you to treat yourself. Double tree Hilton is situated in the center of the city and it is known for his incredible warm cookies that they give at the front desk to their clients.   You can go ask for their cookies and they will probably give you one.

12. Poway lake

North of San Diego, Poway lake is at the base of Mt Woodson. It is also the trailhead to Potato chip rock. You should plan to do this hike really early in the morning or really late in the day to make sure you will not suffer from dehydration. The trail is pretty steep and there is no shadow to cool down. Nature lovers will love this hike.


San Diego is a great city. Whatever you do, you will have the time of your life under the California sun.


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