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Anini campground

Well known for is safe and family atmosphere, Anini campground is one of the local favorite and is also really appreciate by tourists. Everyone will love Anini beach with its crystal clear water that offers one of the best snorkelling on the island. If your lucky enough you might even encounter a couple turtles swimming by.  Although it is pretty isolated and you might have a hard time to get there without a car, this little paradise is not to be miss.


  1. The location of the campground makes it really hard to hitchhike. A car is suggested.

  2. There is a big community of roosters on the campground that get crazy at around 3 in the morning (ear plugs are recommended).


  1. Anini beach is protected by 2 miles of reefs that makes the beach one of the safest place to snorkel or to swim on the island.

  2. The length of the beach makes it easy to find a private place to lay in the sun.

  3. The price of the permits are pretty cheap (3$ per person and 5$ per person if payed directly to the ranger the day of your arrival).

  4. Access to the Princeville village by a trail at the end of the beach (45 minutes walk from the campground to Princeville).

  5. Facilities (washrooms, water and showers) are provided.

Rate: 4/5

Although i needed a little time to get use to the early activities of the roosters, I really appreciated the campground and the beach surrounding it. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to relax and enjoy the clear and warm waters of the hawaiian islands.


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