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Hanalei campground

Hanalei campground is facing the beautiful views of Hanalei bay and the beginning of the Napali coast. It is a 10 minutes walk to the city center so you can enjoy a little more actions during the day or try one of the multiple Hawaiian restaurants of the town in the evening. This beach has a nice family atmosphere and offers plenty of activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding or even fishing on the pier.


  1. The beach and the campground can get pretty crowded during holidays or weekends (think about buying your permit a month in advance and arriving early in the morning to set your tent ).

  2. The beach can be closed during the winter because of the high surf.


  1. The campground is located close to Hanalei town center.

  2. It is accessible by public transportation.

  3. The permits are pretty cheap (3$ per person or 5$ if payed directly to the rangers at arrival).

  4. The beach offers plenty of activities that will please everyone.

Rate : 3/5

Hanalei campground is the perfect place for anyone that is looking for a compromise between nature and town. You’ll be able to enjoy a little session of surfing in the morning and a Mai tai on the side of a tiki bar in the evening. Even though this camping has many advantage, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone that is looking for a peaceful stay in the wild.


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