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Top 10 Things You Should Taste While Visiting the Island of Kauai

Backpacking around one of the most beautiful island of the Pacific wouldn’t have been the same without the great food and drink Kauai has to offer. Travelling on a budget with dehydrated meals everyday can sometime lack flavours and a special Hawaiian snack helps to balance it up. Here are the 10 things I love eating during my stay on Kauai:

1. Coconut – Haena beach 

Definitely one of the first thing you should eat to feel the aloha vibes. You’ll be able to appreciate both the water and the meat of the coconut as a healthy refreshment. All around the island, you will find coconut stand on the side of the road or if you are more of an adventurous person, you can even try to catch one by yourself by climbing one of the coconut trees that are surrounding the island.

2. Fresh fruits – Kauai market

Banana, mango, passion fruits, you can find fruits of every shape and size on the island and I promise that you will find your match. Kauai market is in a different city everyday, all around the island, so you will never miss your fresh fruits. If it’s not at the market, you will find fresh fruits in any food store. I definitely recommend to try the rambutan aka hairy lychee and the Aloha oranges that can make you a fresh orange juice in only one squeeze.

3. Smoothie –Moloa’a sunrise fruit stand

Moloa’a sunrise smoothies have nothing to do with the smoothies I use to  drink back home. Stopping to this food stand is the perfect way to start your day or the greatest refreshment after a long day at the beach. My favorite smoothie was Date with fate which is a combination of organic papaya, coconut, date, apple banana and mango, macadamia nuts and organic rice.

4. Tacos – Papayas natural food/Al pastor tacos

I fell in love with tacos the day i visited Mexico. Kauai is the only other place where I found tacos that could compete with the one I tasted in Mexico. If you like Organic food, Papayas natural food makes great fish tacos with the fresh catch of the day. If you are not really into sea food, you can hit Al pastor tacos food truck that offers a great selection of chicken, al pastor, beef, pork and even shrimp tacos.

5. Poke – Papayas natural food

Poke is an Hawaiian traditional raw fish salad served as an appetizer. I’m talking to you sushi lovers, you don’t want to miss this! You can find poke all around the island but you will find a big selection of fresh poke at Papayas natural food.

6. Shave Ice – Shave ice Tege Tege 

Shave Ice is not the most fancy street food of Kauai but it is clearly something to put on your list. A perfect mix of ice cream and flavoured ice quench your thirst and is a sweet treat at the same time.

7. Mauai style chips, maui onion flavour – Big food market or ABC stores

I really like to eat healthy food, but like everyone I cheat sometimes and I like to eat good old chips. Maui style chips are only made on the Hawaiian Islands and you should not leave without tasting them.

8. Kava juice – Kava bar

Everyone knows that Hawaii is the surfers paradise. After a long surfing session in the water, you will want to head at the kava bar to taste one of their organic juices. Kava is a plant originated from the pacific islands. It is known for his health benefits and for its energetic powers. It may have a special taste at first but the positive effects are garanteed.

9. BBQ chicken – Waipouli Deli and restaurant 

If you’ve been staying on the island long enough, especially at the campgrounds, you will have developed a certain hatred against the roosters. It’s time for your revenge. All jokes aside, Hawaiian bbq is one of the traditional meals and you will for sur appreciate Waipouli Deli and restaurant who offers a variety of plates. They have one of the best bbq chicken on the island at a cheap price.

10. Puka dogs – Puka dog Hanalei

Puka dogs or the hot dog of the islands is a reinvented recipe of the traditional american hot dog. As simple as it looks, the Hawaiian fruit relish really enhance the taste of the hot dog and you will love it for sure.


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